Vatsalya Vidyalaya

We at Vatsalya, believe that each child is potentially divine human being sent out on a purpose and all we do is just facilitate them to discover themselves. We respect each child as unique individual and build tailored curriculum based on existing skills & abilities so that good and rapid progress is made in all area of learning.

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About us

Vatsalya Vidyalaya is a premier educational institution that strives to provide a holistic and empowering learning experience to its students. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence, character development, and community service, Vatsalya Vidyalaya has become a leader in the field of education.

At Vatsalya Vidyalaya, students are encouraged to explore their passions and interests through a diverse range of extracurricular activities. Whether it's participating in sports, music, drama, or community service projects, students have the opportunity to develop their talents and make a positive impact on the world.

In conclusion, Vatsalya Vidyalaya is a place where students are not just challenged academically, but also encouraged to develop their passions, give back to their communities, and grow into well-rounded and responsible individuals. If you're looking for a school that combines a rigorous academic program with a supportive and empowering learning environment, Vatsalya Vidyalaya is the perfect place for you!

Facilities we Provide

Vatsalya Vidyalaya is a school that provides a variety of facilities to its students to ensure their all-round development. Some of the key facilities provided by the school are :


Computer Education


Sanskrit Education

Pet Housing

Audio-Visual Learning

Dog Walking

CBSE Curriculum


Transport Facility


English Medium

Pet Housing

Smart Classes & CCTV Monitor

Dog Walking

English Campus

Our Mission

It is our mission to create a fully integrated primary & nursery program to foster the child's physical, social, linguistic & creative development. We achieve our mission through continuous effort, team work & vision.

  • Creative Learning : We foster creative learning by tailored curriculum which is engaging, meaningful & priorities the right things and enable children learn the skills of 21st century.
  • Learning by Fun : We make learning fun through innovative use of toys, audio-video, story telling, dance & drama.
  • Value based learning : We at Vatsalya stress at value learning through inculcation of Sanskar & practicing good habits so that children may be rooted to their traditional values.
  • Computer aided education : We expose children to the new age technology so that they can take-up the challenges of 21st century.
  • Social Learning : We address a various social traits such as equality, sharing of items, empathy etc. by rewarding not by punishing.
  • Health Guidance : We have associated with pediatricians/dentists for regular guidance.

Admin Desk

Message from Admin Desk 

Nitu Singh (Principal)

Dear students, parents, and faculty,

I am pleased to welcome you to Vatsalya Nursery & primary Education. We aim to provide children's education with international standards under caring and secure environment, at affordable cost. Our staff ensure that kids enjoy the time with us, excel in studies & develop a positive outlook towards self and the world. We work towards developing children so that they learn to think for themselves & feel for others.
We look forward to seeing you in school. You will find our staff approachable as your team works in partnership with parents & children for their development. Kindly feel free to meet our team through the school office.
If you should have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. 

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Contact with us

Call Us : +91 7761961977

Address :  Madhuban Sadan, ITI chowk, Shanti Nagar, Sitamarhi, Bihar 843301